What Greenstorm’s managing directors also do: Smart cup holders for stadiums

27.06.2019 | Press Releases

Innovation in stadiums: fans celebrate smart cup holders

Visitors to sporting events and concerts often find themselves in an impractical situation. No sooner have they purchased a drink at the kiosk than there’s a goal to cheer for their team or their band’s favourite song to applaud- not an easy task with a full cup in your hand. The Tyrolean company Fanclip has found a solution with a portable cup holder of the same name. The patented system fits into any trouser pocket and can be easily attached to poles, the seat in front or even your own waistband. For stadium operators, event organisers, clubs and caterers, this opens up a multitude of possibilities – thanks to an integrated NFC chip right up to a networked stadium.

Vienna / Hall in Tirol, 25.06.2019.  “We realised that every second fan would like a cup holder and that there is nothing comparable on the market”, Axel Schnaller explains why he developed the Fanclip and launched it together with his business partner Helmut Zangerl in 2018. And it’s true, the problem is a real one in stadiums, sports halls and at concerts. Full cups restrict visitors, spilled drinks cause irritation among the fans as well as considerable cleaning costs for the operators. “However, fixed systems are impossible in stadiums. Cleaning and maintenance costs, restrictions on mobility and safety concerns are all factors that argue against it,” says Zangerl, explaining why it has to be a portable solution.

Fanclip already in use in Innsbruck

The basic version of the Fanclip consists of a decorative cup-holder ring and an elastic fastener. This makes it easy to attach and remove, especially on horizontal rails. “This concept works in the safe standing areas, on the barriers in the curves and often also in the upper tiers. In fact, many areas in the stadium are covered,” says Zangerl. For seating areas without rails, a seat clip is required as an add-on – within five weeks Fanclip manged to develop a customised and at the same time mass-produced solution based on a template.  In outdoor areas, for example at festivals, the Fanclip can be easily worn on the body by means of an integrated belt clip and is used for practical storage of half-full or empty deposit cups. The fanclip is already in use at the two biggest sports venues in Innsbruck, the Tivoli and the Olympic Hall. It is totally suited to both venues and of course meets all safety requirements.

Stadium operators, event organisers, caterers as target groups

The Tyrolean entrepreneurs want to draw the attention of stadium operators, event organisers, (football) clubs, sponsors and catering companies with the portable cup holder. In addition to its practical applications, the Fanclip is also designed to be used as a merchandising item and advertising medium. “For associations and caterers, we can offer an advertising surface, which allows them to appeal to new sponsors or portray existing partners,” emphasises Zangerl. An integrated NFC chip also makes it possible to use the Fanclip as an interface for the stadium’s network. “This ranges from cashless payment at the kiosk to ticketing and communication with the fans depending on the situation,” explains Schnaller. In addition, the atmosphere in stadiums should also be improved because there are no longer any restrictions on celebrating and clapping. By the way, production takes place exclusively in Tyrol, the raw materials used all come from Austria, Germany and Belgium.

Big plans and investors from greenstorm.eu

There is considerable interest in the new portable cup holder. Fanclip is currently holding numerous discussions with interested parties with an eye on the new Bundesliga football season starting in the summer – the founders want to win over the big stadiums in Germany and Austria. From now on they can count on the support of a successful Tyrolean entrepreneur: Richard Hirschhuber, who is currently posting impressive growth with greenstorm.eu, believes in the potential of Fanclip and has recently joined the company as an investor.

BU: The founders of fanclip.eu, Axel Schnaller and Helmut Zangerl, can count on the support of Greenstorm-CEO and founder Richard Hirschhuber. Source: fanclip.eu

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