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08.08.2019 | The World of Greenstorm

Hi there E-Bike community! The time has finally come. I’ve often heard about the abandoned villages in Friaul. It’s a “must see location”. The weather is fine and our Greenstorm Fantic XF-1 ( is stowed into the T5 and off we go towards Kanaltal. The destination is Moggio Udinese, only 10 km away from the Austrian border as the crow flies. By road it’s 48 km along winding country roads and you have to reckon with one hour’s driving time.

In Moggio Udinese, the car can be safely left in the car park opposite the sports field next to a café. Immediately, the clearly visible MTB signs catch the eye. Riding through the narrow alleyways, you are immediately captivated by the charm of the Italian flair. The narrow lanes, the hillside location of the whole village and the smell of cappuccino leave no doubt as to where you are.

Moggio Udinese, the starting point of the tour

The trail starts off well signposted

The trail begins just behind the village and is beautifully mown and very well marked every 30 metres. The trail runs smoothly through the forest alongside a stream and after a short while a 1.5 metre wide donkey path leads uphill

Very well signposted (to start with)

Dreamlike black pine forest

The donkey path soon turns into a single trail, which is still easy to ride. Signposts are not necessary as there are no other routes. The forest has a special feeling to it and it’s all the motivation you need to keep pedaling.

Wonderful black pine forest

Superb views as a reward

The last parts of the single trail are tricky to cycle over, but after reaching the small plateau you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Kanaltal and the surrounding mountains.

View over the Kanaltal

But now it gets a bit tense

The description of the tour says difficult to cycle over and exposed. ( Now we are actually on a hiking trail with steps and other obstacles and the climb is also very exposed. Pushing the bike is often better than riding – unfortunately!

Very difficult to cycle

Things then get serious!

After the chapel of Forca di Monticello we go into the woods. The single trail is a hunter’s track that is very exposed and with roots and rocks everywhere, cycling is largely unthinkable.

Navigating is essential

It gets even better!

The forest path is only partially recognizable and there have been no signposts for a long time. Overturned trees and absolutely impassable sections with a lot of pushing and carrying stages follow. But going back is not an option either!

It’s hard going

Light at the end of the forest

Finally we reached the village of Mezzo e Morolz. Here there is a very small and narrow road which you can only drive on with a Fiat Panda 4X4. But for us it seemed like a Autostrada after the experience we’d just had! The small road leads further to the village Moggessa di la.

Back to civilisation

The highlight is still to come!

Now it’s back on bridle paths to the abandoned village of Moggesa di qua. In 1976, a massive earthquake shook the region, causing severe damage even in Carinthia. Since the village could only be reached via this bridle path and reconstruction appeared unfeasible, the inhabitants left their homes. You have to bear in mind that up to 700 hundred people lived there at the time of the First World War. The abandoned village, with many collapsed houses from which bushes and small trees climb from the ruins – we found our way to the small village square where there was a well from which crystal clear, cool water gushed. Surprisingly, there are a few isolated houses that have been restored by their former inhabitants or their descendants and serve as summer residences. During our snack at the fountain we could enjoy a little bit of time travel into the past and we had hundreds of questions which we couldn’t ask anyone.

This abandoned village was worth all the trouble

From here we go back to our starting point

Following the bridle path, we went back to the starting point, we were not able to cycle along many sections of the bridle path and you can easily understand why this village was abandoned.


The reward was to come.

For those who have taken this tour, which I wouldn’t describe as a relaxing, flowing bike tour, but something for those who want a unique experience, a reward is waiting. The nearby Lago di cavazzo offers a refreshing swim and the well-hidden restaurant Angeli Neri ( is waiting to satisfy the exhausted biker.

The very inviting Lago di Cavazzo

Dear bike friends, if you liked the destination and the review, please share the blog or give me a like. Maybe I’ll meet one of you on my next trip to Friaul.

More impressions

So keep on biking and keep on storming: best wishes, your E-Bike Ambassador and Bike Blogger Andi Lutche.  Feel like e-biking? Then have a look at Top used e- bikes with 2 years warranty (on battery and motor) are waiting for you!

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