The e-bike family experience with top e-bikes from Greenstorm

22.08.2019 | The World of Greenstorm

Hi there e-bike community! Again and again I am faced with the topic of e-biking and children. Now it is time to write a report about my experiences.

Up till now, this is the way it was.

Parents, passionate about cycling, buy an e-bike, and the children carry on cycling on their conventional bikes as before. The parents are frustrated because they can’t get on, the children are frustrated because they feel like they are pedalling themselves to death and there is simply no real fun. If there’s a gradient along the way, then a fiasco is inevitable. The parents pull their children along by the upper arm. Not much fun for the parents and no fun for the children.

Manufacturers react to customer requirements

The manufacturers quickly realised that something needed to be done and that there was an interesting market here. For example, KTM launched the Macina Mini Me on the market.  Cube has introduced a great children’s bike with the Acid 240 Hybrid Youth. Bergamont’s answer was the E-Revox 24 to name just a few. The manufacturers have also not overlooked the safety aspect; children’s bikes usually lock automatically at 20 km/h.

Hotels and bike rental companies see need for action

Many of the bike rental companies and hotels that offer Greenstorm e-bikes for their guests are facing growing demand. The Hotel Bavaria, a family hotel in Pfronten in the Allgäu (, for example, has children’s bikes on offer. Once the guests get to know the e-bike family experience on holiday, then the step to their own children’s bike is not far off.

The e-bike as a towing vehicle

Another great field of application for the e-bike is to use it for towing trailers. The range of possibilities for the parents is massively extended. On the flat, a trailer can hardly be felt, but as soon as you go uphill the additional weight becomes noticeable. With a pre-tensioned e-bike from Greenstorm (, that’s no longer a problem and smiles will be back on faces. See the bike photo of our e-bike ambassador Claudia Wolf – you can hardly get more relaxed biking.

If you want to be very athletic, you should follow the example of Scottish extreme biker Danny Macaskill ( (Just a joke and of course there was no child in the trailer!)

Pleasure factor and family experience

During our trips, the spotlight is on pleasure. We have already made many relaxed family trips. No matter if we ride along a cycle path, like the Drava cycle path or the Ciclovia Alpe-Adria, or an easy mountain bike tour covering a few hundred meters of altitude, the fun factor is always what counts. Have a look for yourself:

So keep on biking and keep on storming: best wishes, your E-Bike Ambassador and Bike Blogger Andi Lutche.  Feel like e-biking? Then have a look at Top used e- bikes with 2 years warranty (on battery and motor) are waiting for you!

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22.08.2019 | The World of Greenstorm

The e-bike family experience with top e-bikes from Greenstorm

Hi there e-bike community! Again and again I am faced with the topic of e-biking and children. Now it is time to write…

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