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When electric cars cruise through the streets, quietly and seemingly without effort, one might think that everything just works by itself. Of course, the cars must get their batteries charged first. This works best at a special e-charging station, which delivers the power exactly as the car requires and charges (depending on the charging station) many times faster and, above all, safer than a conventional power outlet.

How about us installing an e-charging station at your hotel for free, including all the necessary requirements? This is how, in case you are part of the Greenstorm family already, you can professionally recharge your Greenstorm electric car or your new guests can arrive with their own electric vehicles and charge them in a simple and straightforward way right at their holiday destination. For people travelling by e-car it is a real blessing and a definite reason to book.

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Our offering – what you’ll get:

Planning of the charging station at your hotel

A charging station is easily built for you because consulting, site analysis, power supply, hardware and the organizational handling are taken care of by us at Greenstorm. You practically won’t have to concern yourself with anything.

Construction of the charging station

After the planning phase it’s time for the installation, which is just as uncomplicated for you. We’ll take care of the installation of the Wallbox or your high-speed charging station including all electrical installations, which ensures a smooth startup of the station. All associated costs – up to the signage of the parking lot – are taken over by us.

Full service and support

The installation is not the end of the story on our part. Our service also includes the technical implementation of SMATRICS, an automated billing system, a web app for smartphones and
a 24-hour hotline that takes care of any sudden problems. All charging processes are recorded in detail for later evaluation.

Save at least € 5,000

Assuming you fully recharge one Tesla Model S every day, you’d save around EUR 5,000 per year for charging just this one electric vehicle. The electricity costs are taken care of by us. To Greenstorm, the spreading of electromobility is completely worth these expenses.

Be part of Greenstorm’s Hotel Charging Network

We are looking forward to welcoming you, your hotel and your charging station in our network and the Greenstorm family. By joining, your electric charging station will be registered in the most important European directories and within navigation systems. This additionally attracts potential customers for you.
Our existing Greenstorm e-charging network already includes more than 130 stations with a total of more than 160 charging points in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as Italy.

Right here you can get an immediate and detailed overview of our fast-growing network:


Expanding infrastructure – right up to the quick-charger

Depending on how intensively your charging infrastructure is used and if necessary, we will extend your charging station to satisfy demand. We will also extend your existing Wallboxes at no extra cost for you. By that you might be able to provide a 50-kW quick-charging station to your guests within a few years. And the best thing is, even after the end of our contract, all charging stations will become your property.

Transparent and low-cost kWh charging rate

Most network operators charge depending on the duration of the charging process. For electric car owners these time-based rates are non-transparent and very difficult to compare. Therefore, we at Greenstorm have decided on a rate which is based on the used kilowatt hours. All drivers that register themselves at Greenstorm charging stations by QR code pay 29 cents per kWh. This also applies across countries.

Open charging net – for (almost) everyone

Through our cooperation with SMATRICS (Austria’s largest e-mobility provider) you’ll automatically get more roaming partners whose customers can easily use our Greenstorm network. This way an Energie AG, EnBW or Enel customer is able to fill up at our charging stations using their charging card. Quite practical, isn’t it?

Discover all current roaming partners of Greenstorm and SMATRICS.


What we get in turn:

By now, you’ll probably ask yourself what is in it for us. There has got to be a catch in it somewhere.
Here it is: in turn, we will receive some of your empty room contingents. Not only do we want to do something about the insufficient electric charging infrastructure, we’d also like to help with the poor occupancy in the hotel business. We will fill your rooms, and in turn you will help us with raising awareness and strengthening electromobility in Austria and furthermore in all of Europe.

For a Wallbox (22 kW, 3-year contract) or a high-speed charging station (2 x 50 kW, 5-year contract) we ask for, depending on the category
of hotel, vouchers for a week-long (or single days-long), half-board stay for two persons. We would then sell these vouchers via an online portal. By that, you would not only get
free charging stations but most likely new e-car driving customers. 😉

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