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Even if it may sometimes seem so, the electric cars that move so quietly and effortlessly through the streets don’t drive all by themselves.  They also have to be refuelled with electricity and this works best at a special e-charging station, which delivers the power exactly as the car requires and charges (depending on the charging station) many times faster than a simple SchuKo connection.

What would you say if we installed an e-charging station at your hotel for free?  So you would be able to charge the e-cars more effectively if you were already using Greenstorm e-cars as a member of the Greenstorm family, and your guests could plug in their own electric cars.  For people who go on holiday electrically, this would be a real blessing and definitely a reason to book.

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Why not get an overview of what you would get from us if you decided to join the Greenstorm family with an electric charging station, thereby improving the charging and e-mobility network?

Planning the e-charging station at your hotel

An electric charging station is simple to construct, at least it would be for you, because we at Greenstorm would take care of the consulting, site analysis, power supply and organisation. You would hardly have to worry about anything.

Construction of the charging station

After the planning, it’s time for the installation, which is just as uncomplicated for you.  We install your Wallbox, or your high-speed charging station, with a stainless steel stand including all electrical installations, signage, ground markings and ensure a problem-free start-up of operations.

Full service and support

However, the installation is not the end of the story on our part. Our service also includes the technical implementation through SMATRICS, an automated billing system, a smartphone app and a 24-hour hotline, which takes care of everything serious that could happen.

Savings of min. €6000

If you assume that one Tesla Model S is fully charged every day, you would save over €6000 per year on charging just this one e-car. The electricity costs would be billed to us. The spread of electromobility is worth it to us.

Part of the Greenstorm charging network

We would be happy to welcome you, your hotel and your charging station into our network and our Greenstorm family.   The station would be included as an entry in the most important loading directories and car navigation devices, attracting further potential customers to you.

Part of the Greenstorm NextCharge programme

The NextCharge programme is a customer loyalty programme whereby vouchers are automatically generated for e-car drivers when they recharge their e-car – another benefit of becoming part of our network.

Growing infrastructure

Depending on how intensively your charging infrastructure is used, we will react and upgrade your infrastructure to meet the high demand.  At no additional cost we will expand your wallboxes until at some point you might be providing several 50 kW fast charging stations for your guests.

What we get

What’s in it for Greenstorm, you might well ask.  There must be a catch somewhere.  Here it is: we get some of your empty room contingents.  We not only want to do something about the fragmentary e-infrastructure, we also want to do something about low capacity utilization in the hotel industry.  We will fill your rooms and you help us to strengthen e-mobility in Austria and across Europe.

For a wallbox (22 kW, 5-year contract) or a high speed charging station (50 kW, 10-year contract) we would get vouchers for example at a 4* hotel for one week’s half board for 2 people, which we could then pass on.


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