Our business model is actually a simple exchange: your (otherwise empty) beds traded for one or more electric vehicles – according to your request.  In addition to our main business of e-bikes, Greenstorm also offers such jewels as the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3 or the Jaguar I-Pace.

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So that we can provide you with an electric car for your hotel, we need nothing more than your otherwise empty room contingents.  We will fill these, and allow you to inspire your new and regular guests with your electric vehicle fleet.  In this way, your guests won’t be dependent on their own cars and will be mobile even if they have left their cars at home for their holidays.

This is based on our goal of promoting e-mobility across Austria and ultimately across Europe as well. Instead of  producing CO2 emissions, we work with electronically powered vehicles and try to make their use affordable for as many people as possible.  For fewer exhaust fumes, less engine noise and greener mobility.

The Greenstorm (and soon your) fleet:

We’ve browsed through the forest of e-car models and picked out the best jewels that the e-car market has to offer.  These include vehicles from various categories, SUVs, sports cars, city cruisers and all-rounders.  So your fleet can exactly suit your location and your target group.


As an elegant, sporty all-terrain vehicle, the Tesla Model X 75D or 100 D has a road range of up to 310 km or 420 km respectively (according to our experience).  This gives your guests all the freedom they need to travel even longer distances, if necessary, and you can also lean back and relax with the optional insurance.


The eye-catcher and a definite guest magnet: the electric car in the sports edition.  Smooth and above all fast are models like the I-Pace from Jaguar (with an incredible range of 500 km, according to the manufacturer) or the Model S from Tesla. They promise excitement on holiday and that certain extra something on a city break or business trip.


You can be unobtrusively green, but for those who make no secret of their commitment to the environment, the EQ Cabrio by Smart and the Renault Zoe Z.E. R 90 are the perfect choice. With ranges of 110 km and 300 km respectively (according to our experience) they are perfect for short holidays and excursions.


A little bit of everything – if you are not necessarily a great decision-maker, you will certainly find what you are looking for in this category.  With a BMW i3s 120Ah that travels up to 270 km without recharging, or a NISSAN E-NV200 EVALIA (range 180 km), each of your guests will be driven to their destination, no matter where they are going.

Available from 2019, 2020, 2021, …

Would you like a glimpse into the future? From this year on, we will be expanding our range to include well-known, established brands, such as Tesla with its roadster, or Porsche and Mini, but we will also be offering electric crossovers in the automotive market.

Exciting examples include the Sono Sion, which will be able to recharge its battery independently with the help of solar panels on the bodywork, or the Chinese Tesla-counterpart Byton with its K-byte. These are joined by the latest models from Lucid Motors and Rimac.  You see, we don’t sleep and our vehicles even less so.

We also take care of the e-charging station

But where does the infrastructure for the new e-cars come from?  Where to store the fleet and where to charge it?  No problem – for the latter we at Greenstorm also have a solution for you.  For additional room contingents, we will install an electric charging station for you, either in the form of a wall box or a high-speed charging station that works up to 50 kW.  With this all-round package, your guests can get going right away.


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