E-bikes in the Greenstorm cycle

Greenstorm is much more than a simple e-bike dealer. We buy the latest highlights of the e-bike market, rent them out for a season and then offer them used and inexpensively to people. This creates added value for all links in the chain and also for the environment, because e-mobility is being promoted.

Purchasing and rental

Every season we at Greenstorm track down the hottest e-bike manufacturers. Their new releases and the latest jewels will end up in our headquarters. From there they find their way to hoteliers, companies, clubs, authorities and anyone else who would like to buy more than 10 e-bikes in order to be able to lend them and use them for a whole season.

Return and repair

When the season is over, the models which have been used for a few months are returned to us. When we welcome them back, we inspect them: all bikes receive a thoroughly check-up and if necessary they are overhauled and repaired. Each bike is lovingly pampered until it shines as if it hadn’t travelled a single kilometre.

What our e-bikes do in their next life

As soon as they have been restored to their best possible condition, they are put back on sale as used e-bikes. So e-bikes have several lives with us. And you can afford an electric bike even on a slightly tighter budget and don’t have to be put off by a €3000 or more price tag.

This is how our vision becomes reality: integrating e-mobility into everyday life as easily as possible for as many people as possible. Every abandoned CO2-emitting car is a good car and another step towards saving the climate.

Your e-bike and your place in the Greenstorm family

What is your place in this cycle? Where would you most like to cycle with an electric bicycle? We have thought about offers and programs for end customers as well as for hoteliers, dealers, companies and other organizations. The icing on the cake is our ambassador program, where e-bike enthusiasts can carry our mission out into the world and get an e-bike for free.

E-shop customers

Last but not least in our chain, and so also not in this list, are our end customers, who will be very pleased with our ingenious system for substantially discounted e-bikes. If you don’t want to or can’t afford more than €3000 for your e-bike, you can get one of the newest models as a used bike in our e-shop up to 40% cheaper.


As a hotel operator you have the chance to create an e-bike fleet for your guests. In addition, we help you to fill your beds during times of low occupancy. Our exchange business consists of e-bike infrastructure in exchange for hotel vouchers. So you can inspire more guests with better offers and win them over for you and your hotel.


Have you ever thought about offering a bicycle hire service? Then this is your chance as a dealer. For each of our used e-bikes that you sell, we will lend you a brand new model that you can offer either in your rental shop or to your potential customers as a test model. Larger product range and better sales opportunities, without devaluing your previously unused models.


What do you do to motivate your employees? Do you provide them with a brand-new e-bike? Yes? Then you’re probably already part of the Greenstorm family. We rent you our e-bikes, which you can make available to your employees as a CO2-saving commuter vehicle and leisure bike. Incentives and employee motivation have rarely brought so much cycling pleasure.


If you are often on social media platforms, or generally like to share your enthusiasm about something, you may also be the ideal Greenstorm e-bike ambassador. We will lend you a new e-bike every year and in return you will report once a month on your favourite bike tours with your #greenstorm #ebike.


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