Fantic Fat Bike Sport GS 888 – a real “fat bottomed bike“

24.06.2019 | The World of Greenstorm

Hi there e-bike community! I was able lay it on really thick last week! It was Fat Bike time (

Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round, yeah

As Freddie Mercury said in his song, a little more can often be fun! In this case a whole load of fun!

Fat-bottomed fun

Fat Bikes with no engines – only half the fun

When the first Fat Bikes without engines came onto the market in 2005 from Surly, they were always going to guarantee fun and happiness. Designed for snow racing in Alaska and beach fun on California’s beaches. Hardly anybody cycled 2000m up to the summit.

Fantic Fat Sport GS 888 – total fun

The Fantic E-Bike is equipped with a Brose 250 Watt and 90 Nm very powerful motor. It draws almost infinite power from a 630 Wh battery. This already turns cycling uphill into an experience. With it you can ride up where the others come down!

A bike like that is cumbersome and unwieldy!

That’s what I heard when I went on a tour with a friend. Of course he didn’t turn down my offer to try out the bike.  When we then “skipped” over the roots in the forest, he was delighted and there was no more talk of it being unwieldy! It is unbelievable how the CST BFT 26 x 4.0 tyres almost hug the roots and obstacles, wrapping around them, especially with slightly less air in the tyres.  You get the feeling that the bike and the ground are one and the same.

CST 26×4.0 – they absorb everything!

100mm suspension travel and a hardtail – unusable off-road!

When one hears these two facts, the conclusion appears to be justified. But not with the Fantic GS 888. The Renegade RST 100 mm Lockout fork in front and the tyres that we have already described give an scarily smooth sensation when cycling.

( The ultra-comfortable Fantic Night/Day saddle makes it hard to get off the bike. You want to stay seated and continue cruising.

Renegade RST

Unique riding sensation – those who love it will never want to do without it!

I have received only positive feedback from many e-bike ambassadors (Michael Herzog, Alex Roth, Thomas Hohenwarter, Franz Stoff, …) as well as from some of my friends who have also tested the bike. It gives a unique riding sensation and the bike has rightly reserved a firm place for itself in the e-bike segment. Here is the data sheet: (

I’ve been riding a lot of different e-bikes lately, but none have been photographed as often as this one. No other e-bike has made me have to answer so many questions! Public interest guaranteed!

Fat Bike GS 888

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