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Your vacant rooms

in exchange for our Tesla, BMW, Renault, Smart or electric scooters

Our business model is simple and easy to explain: You, as a hotelier, can exchange your vacant rooms (or ski passes in the case of cable-car and ski-lift operators) for one or more e-vehicles of your choice. This creates a win-win situation that does not cost you a euro (the rooms are probably vacant year-on-year) and which also brings you and your guests additional benefits. The full hotel beds are a nice spin-off. More than ever, hotels need to offer their clients something special. What could be better than a Tesla Model X or Model S – the most modern limousines in the world? Or the new Renault ZOE with a range of 300 km? Or a couple of e-mopeds to allow your guests to cruise around the area in an eco-friendly way?

It all depends on how many vouchers you can provide us with or what kind of e-car catches your eye. There is an excellent choice of new models:

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a Tesla (model 3) can be yours for 20 vouchers/year