E-bike ambassadors

Are you passionate about e-bikes and the lifestyle they offer, and would you like to share this enthusiasm with others?  It sounds like you would be the perfect Greenstorm e-bike ambassador!

We want to provide you with the chance to use the latest e-bikes every year. Through you, we want to reach new enthusiastic e-bikers. The only catch is, you have to get used to a new e-bike every year.

If you carry out your role, we will replace your free e-bike the following spring with a brand-new model. But don’t worry, even if you don’t fulfil your role, you can still use our e-bike completely free of charge for one season. In this event, however, we will not extend the agreement any further.


Telephone:  +43 5372 66888 ext. 870

What you get from us

- our newest e-bike model for free, for as long as you like
- Year after year, exchanged for a new e-bike
- free delivery of the new exchange e-bike


What we get

- monthly posting of your latest bike tour in one of the social media platforms (Hashtags #greenstorm #ebike #usedbikes)
- a purchase recommendation if you are not present on social media platforms


Need some advice?

Simply contact our ambassador girls Carolin Schwarz, Helene Wendlinger or Helena Antic and let them explain the benefits of our ambassador concept to you personally and free of charge!



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